About James Litho

When you combine the latest equipment and digital machinery with decades of experience and incredible attention to personal service, you get a company that will never let you down. Printed products have a longevity that elevates your message far more than an email blast ever could, and our team has the expertise to utilize print technology in all the smartest ways to make your piece resonate.

The education and experience under our roof is quite simply unsurpassed in our industry. Our pre-press team are experts in file management. Our press crew are true artisans and craftsmen, not button pushers. Our packaging department is highly conscientious in getting your job prepared for long distance travel. Each associate grasps the importance of staying in touch with you, honoring the budget and meeting every single deadline. Nothing you can throw at us will make us flinch.

Jeff James, started James Litho in 1997 after decades of experience. His family had opened a large printing company in 1971, and Jeff literally grew up with the business. His devotion to relentless quality, integrity and personal attention is the trademark of our company. Our clients understand the value of the hand-crafted materials we create for them, and we understand their changing needs. During challenging business times we are quick in adjusting toward new objectives, offering new solutions and relevant products, and speeding up turn-around time when the urgency is high. We are 100% reliable, 100% of the time. Our dedication is like our product — tangible, and here to stay.