Custom calendars are such a great gift to give! You can completely customize each calendar to the person you are giving it to which makes it that much more special. Whether it is for your business, a birthday or special event, we’ll walk you through the correct steps to creating the perfect customizable calendar.


How to Create Yours?

You like personable gift giving. With the evolving fast-paced world, it’s nice to be able to grab your favorite calendar and a pen and keep track of life. Now that you’ve decided you’d like to create a calendar, you must choose which format you’d like it to be. Will it be a desktop or wall calendar? Once you’ve decided how you want the layout to look, now begins the designing process. 

If you’re creating a calendar for your business, you will have different needs than someone who is purchasing it as a gift. You’ll want to include your brand logo, colors, fonts, and images that match your aesthetic. Your brand wants to be at the forefront of your brain during the creative process. There are an endless amount of options available. Whatever fits what you’re looking for and is well-designed, we say, go for it! If you think it would be beneficial, you can also add a section for notes, grocery store lists etc. Think about what someone may use it for every week. If you’re purchasing as a gift, you’ll probably go with a favorite color or theme to design the calendar.

Important Dates to Include

Obviously, we know that not every country celebrates the same holidays, but you may want to include specific holidays that apply to your clients or relatives/friends. Figure out what holidays they celebrate and which they can go without. If you’re an educator, what are your testing dates, holidays, spring break and short days? Business owners, when are your special events and trade show dates? Charities, when are your charity events, drives, fairs or donation dates? These are all extremely important to consider when planning your calendar dates.


We can’t wait to see what calendars you all come up with! With our quality production and printing, your calendar will be top notch. If you’d like to receive a quote, please give us a call at (909) 390-2452.

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