James Litho Printed Hang Tags

The hang tag is the unsung hero of product branding. In many cases it’s the only chance your product has to catch the eye of your customer. They’re an elegant solution to a wide range of labeling issues. Hang tags, hole punched and attached with a ribbon, twine etc. eliminates the need for adhesive labels on your products. Decorative in nature, the hang tag shows off your logo and company name, can provide a message, tag line, instructions and more.


Header cards are the business partner of hang tags. Seeking the same goal of branding and communicating like their partners, header cards are attached differently and usually wrap over the top of a package or item. Both options add character and professionalism to your packaging materials.

JL Headers_MG_7697

Header Cards


When competing for attention, you don’t want to skimp on the appeal. Hang Tags and Header Cards can further define your branding and give your product the edge it needs. While many products are made overseas, many are packaged here, so why not print your hang tags in the good ole’ USA? James Litho’s professional team is at your service and available to answer your questions all along the design and printing process, so that your hang tags are exactly the way you want them and that fit your budget.


We print a lot of hang tags for brands like Hobie, Fender Guitars and many others. Give us a try on your next run and let us show you what made in America quality can do for you.


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