In today’s fast-paced business world, we don’t always have the luxury of time. This forces us to plan and execute projects at the last minute while striving to maintain quality and not exceed our budget. In order to meet these demands, short run digital printing has quickly taken over as the industry standard over the previous decade. The evolution of this technology has some very significant advantages for the business owner:




  1. Quality: There are two printing processes that a consumer can choose from – digital and offset. Although offset has proven to be very high quality and very cost efficient on extremely large runs, digital printing now offers the same quality printing at a more economical price.


  1. Fast: As discussed above, most of the time you don’t have weeks to finish a project. Digital helps you get the job done in as little as a day’s time.





  1. Green: Digital printing results in much less waste then traditional offset printing. With short run printing not only is there less waste, but less paper required.


  1. Small Order: About 31% of all printed materials are thrown out because they have become outdated. With short run digital, you only need to print the quantities of brochures, booklets, flyers, catalogs, business cards or post cards that you need for any given immediate project. This way if business or economic conditions dictate that you make changes to your documents, you do not have to throw away your printed materials.



  1. Variable: Since digital printing does not use a static plate, you can incorporate variable data printing into your documents. Each brochure, flyer, post card or direct mail piece can be individually personalized with your customer’s name or account information. Variable data printing can result in much higher response rates, which lead to higher profits.


  1. Cost effective: Because of the new digital printing technologies it is now economical to print small batches of documents. You no longer have to print more materials than you actually need just to reach a “price break”.


All of these factors combined with James Lithos proven track record of excellent quality, efficient production and fair prices results in a winning printing option for you and your business.



Start 2016 out right. You can rely on James Litho when it comes to all your printing needs and specifically short run digital products.

Happy New Year from James Litho. Give us a call today and we’ll make you next printing project a success.

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