As a marketer, one of the most difficult things to do is effectively speak with your target audience. Whether you are trying to establish your brand’s identity, shine light on a new product or service, or even promote an event, simply providing someone with a link to your website or sending an email does not always capture their attention and therefore lessens the possibility of doing further business with them. Have you considered adding a brochure to your marketing plan? It is extremely common nowadays for companies of all sizes to rely solely on digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) and email blasts. But on such a saturated medium, it can be nearly impossible to not only stand out, but convey a message that will capture the attention of potential clients and encourage them to find out more.

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Get Your Message Across

Brochures play a major role in establishing the brand identity of a business and expanding it’s customer base. When used correctly, few other mediums lend the space to present an end-to-end message and call to action in such a succinctly portable manner. A well designed and printed brochure will give your audience information about your company, the product you are pitching, and contact information to learn more about you.All of this in a six sided pamphlet that can easily be folded and put into a pocket or bag for later reference. On top of this, brochures help legitimize your message and are often a key factor in the audience taking the next step toward making a purchasing decision.



“The Portable Salesman”

Another huge benefit to using brochures is their versatility and therefore cost-effectiveness. For example, retail stores and offices that experience a lot of customer traffic often have brochures with product information at the front of the store or in the waiting room. Banks, for instance, create brochures on each category of financial product they offer for customers to review as they wait in the lobby. Marketers also take brochures to trade shows and presentations to hand out to potential customers or business associates. They are often set up to be ‘self-mailed’, which means you can fold them by applying sticky pads to the opening of the fold and address them to whoever you want to send them to.

Focus On Your Message

Brochures provide your company with a space that is exclusively yours. Most print and digital mediums (websites, magazines, newspapers, etc.) force you to share the space with other advertisers that are competing for the attention of the end user, making it a challenge to get noticed among the competition. Not only this, but most of the time this limits you to an image paired with a tagline or link to a website that will not do you any justice. When compared to a space that you can fill with interesting, informative information that is supported by appropriate images and a call to action, there is no question why companies continue to report successful brochure marketing campaigns. Below is a great recent example of a project we worked on that did a great job utilizing all of the space available:

IMG_4282 (1)

The Front of the Brochure


Open Brochure


Fully Expanded

Non-Obtrusive Marketing

Whether they take a brochure from your booth at a trade show to learn more about your company, or from the kiosk in a hotel lobby about a local attraction before traveling to a new place for the day, the customer reads them on their own time, giving you their complete focus and providing them with a way to contact you directly for further information. Their durability allows the user to save it and remember you the next time they are in need of your services. In conjunction with other materials such as a good online presence, this is a common path to gaining business success. Here are a few more examples of work we’ve done in the past:





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